Best Resources for Improving Your Chess

Chess Tonight Magazine (You are here!)

Ithaca Chess Club (website coming soon)

A free site for learning, improving your chess, and playing online.
Lichess Board Editor
Lichess: Donate (Become a Patron)
Lichess Broadcasts of Live Chess Events and Scores of the Games (or go to Lichess home page > Watch> Broadcasts)
Lichess Tutorial for Beginners – YouTube:

Introduction to – YouTube

Dan Heisman’s Website
Filled with valuable resources for improving your chess.

Chess Database and PGN Viewer (open source for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux)
. Download it here:

St. Louis Chess Club YouTube channel, for watching games (with excellent commentary) from the Sinquefield Cup


The Week in Chess:
Chess Games Analysis Laboratory
Chess Games Premium Member Benefits
Chess Openings List from ECO

Zwischenzug | Nate Solon | Substack Analysis (this shows the comments in the PGN file)

Chess Games Database Online –
ECO Codes –

Chess Geek

Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings (ECO)

Daily Chess

FIDE Chess Arena (Free and Pro Accounts)

Decode Chess — Smarter Chess Analysis – Start Decoding for Free:

Chess24 – Play, Learn & Watch Live Tournaments – chess24 |

10 Best Places to Play Chess Online

Kids Games: A Guide to Playing Chess | AAA State of Play:

Resources – Next Level Chess By GM Noël Studer:

Improve in Chess: Free Online Chess Websites | Blog of iChess.NET:

The 4 Best Free Chess Training Websites:

Discord: the chess nerd

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