Best Chess Resources for Beginning Players

Here are 10 excellent resources — books, videos, and websites — for beginners, and for stronger players too !

1) 101 Questions on How to Play Chess (Dover Chess, paperback book)  … by Fred Wilson

2) Winning Chess  (paperback book) … by Irving Chernev and Fred Reinfeld

3) Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess (paperback book) … by GM Bobby Fischer, and Stuart Margulies, Ph.D. and Donn Mosenfelder

4) Logical Chess, Move by Move: Every Move Explained  (paperback book) … by Irving Chernev

5) Chess Tactics for Champions: A step-by-step guide to using tactics and combinations the Polgar way (paperback book) … by Susan Polgar and Paul Truong

6) Videos on YouTube by NM Dan Heisman, at

7) Simple Chess: New Algebraic Edition (Dover Chess) … by Michael Stean.

8) Chess Tonight Magazaine online (available now) and Chess Tonight YouTube channel (coming soon), at Edited and published by NM Michael Pastore.

9) Silman’s Complete Endgame Course (paperback book) … by IM Jeremy Silman

10) The Mammoth Book of the World’s Greatest Chess Games (paperback book) … edited by Graham Burgess, John Nunn, John Emms.